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As we progress to the 2020-21 school year, we are looking forward to having students and teachers back in the building to maximize the learning experience while also providing a healthy and safe environment.

Knoxville Catholic’s Back-to-School Task Force has been working with diocesan officials, Knox County Health Department (KCHD) and local physicians while looking at best practices to develop the most appropriate plan for reopening our school on August 3, 2020.

All plans are currently fluid as we continue to learn more about Covid-19 and its impact on our community. Below, you will see a 3-plan approach which we will consider the the possible restrictions and recommendations of the KCHD and CDC.

PLAN A – Full Return to School
This in-school learning plan assumes that all KCHD and CDC guidleines allow a full return to school. Some donitions that could be in place under this plan may include:

• Daily temperature checks of students and staff
• Social distancing measures
• Masks for students and staff

• Frequent hand-washing
• Frequent disinfection of physical surfaces

PLAN B – Blended Learning Environment
This plan would be necessary if strict social distancing guidelines are recommended by KCHD. Students would attend on alternating days or a flex schedule to allow for smaller class sizes. Video lessons will allow for students at home to stay current with all content. All CDC and KCHD guidelines would be in place (see above). More details on this plan will be communicated by mid-July as they become available.

PLAN C – At-Home Learning Exclusively
This would be a return to no students in the building due to an outbreak or spike in Covid-19 cases and the recommendation of KCHD and CDC.

Regardless of what plan is enacted, students with health concerns who are unable to return to school will be provided at-home learning accommodations.

Please know that Knoxville Catholic High School is committed to getting students back to school if we can do so in a safe and healthy manner. We will update the KCHS community on these plans as we move through summer and as more information becomes available.

God bless and Go Irish!



Health & Safety

The Knoxville Catholic learning experience in the COVID-19 era is a powerful blend of classroom engagement, creative collaborative tools and digital lessons. Our fall plans will allow flexibility, transparency and a prioritized emphasis on the health of our students and faculty.

Faith & Well-Being

Our strong Catholic identity means Christ-centered instruction. Our mission as a Catholic school will not change. Knoxville Catholic will continue to educate the whole child, encourage the pursuit of individual talents and gifts, promote life balance and build confidence.


Utilizing Microsoft Streams and Teams in addition to Moodle course management, KCHS will provide regular class meeting times, plus recorded and live classes. Every teacher will be equipped with iPad studio technology to bring the classroom atmosphere to life even during at-home learning.

Academics & Athletics

Our commitment to delivering academic excellence and rigor will not diminish regardless of the reopening plan. We are working with the TSSAA regarding interscholastic athletics, and we are committed to providing the safest avenue for students to participate in Co-Curricular activities.


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