School Counseling

The KCHS Guidance Department offers a full range of academic, college, social, and career counseling services for students throughout high school.  This office handles scheduling, student records, course planning, college information, summer enrichment guidance, and personal/social needs.

The structure of the department is divided so that freshmen students work with Mrs. Suzanne Judd, Freshman Advisor. Sophomore, Junior, and Senior years, the students will work with school counselors, assigned by last name.

Our programmatic structure has been designed to allow for a school counselor to student ratio significantly below the recommended national average.  This allows our counselors to provided individualized services in all aspects of academic, college/career, and social/emotional counseling. Students receive personalized attention every year.

Our counselors hold professional memberships in the following organizations: National Association of College Admissions Counseling, Southern Association of College Admissions Counseling, American Counseling Association, American School Counseling Association, Tennessee Counseling Association, Tennessee School Counseling Association, Smoky Mountain Counseling Association, and the National Career Development Association.

Program Goals

Our goal is a comprehensive program that meets students’ academic, career, and social/emotional needs. School Counselors provide guidance curriculum, individual planning and responsive services to all students by adhering the American School Counseling Association National Model and code of ethics.

  • To be an advocate to each and every student.
  • To assist students with grade management through individual academic monitoring.
  • To meet the students social/emotional needs through individual responsive services and referral to the Student Assistance Program.
  • To meet students’ academic needs through parent and student information sessions, classroom guidance, and individual student and/or parent meetings.
  • To assist students with creating a 4-year graduation plan and updating the plan on a yearly basis.
  • To assist students with Course Selection process to best prepare for post-secondary education goals by taking an appropriate level of strength of schedule (College Preparatory, Honors, Advanced Placement).
  • To encourage student interest in future planning including career and college through classroom guidance and individual meetings.
  • To assist students through the college process beginning with the college search and continuing through the college application process.
  • To provide accurate and timely information in support of the college application process.
  • To provide updated college information, access to admission representatives, as well as Naviance training to ensure a student-driven college list of 3-8 schools.
  • To provide education and guidance regarding a successful standardized testing plan for college applications (ACT/SAT/SATII).
  • To provide preparation for standardized testing by offering the PSAT (practice SAT) to 9th, 10th, and 11th Grade as well as the PACT (practice ACT) to students in the 10th grade.
Notable Outcomes (2018)
  • 99% College Attending
  • $20.1 Million in Scholarship Dollars Offered
Special Events
  • Individual meetings with students 10th, 11th, and 12th years
  • Yearly timelines for parents
  • “Paying for College”  Parent Presentations
  • Weekly Scholarship emails
  • College Fair, more than 90 colleges represented
  • Course Selection Information Presentations
  • Junior Guidance Night, with over 20 college admissions guest speakers presenting on a variety of topics
  • NCAA Handbook for student athletes
  • Career Day (every other year)
  • College Decision Day, celebrating our seniors
  • Academic Signing Day, celebrating seniors receiving full tuition scholarships to the colleges in which they enroll
  • Host individual college visits from over 35 colleges, during the school day for students to attend
  • Informational videos, on a variety of subjects, for parents
Student Assistance Program (SAP)

In keeping with the school mission statement, KCHS offers counseling services to any student who, by word or action, indicates a need for special counseling.  The Student Assistance Program (SAP) provides a confidential setting for students to talk with qualified professional counselors about personal concerns.  Students may receive information about scheduling appointments from the School Counselors.  Any student, teacher or staff member may recommend another student to SAP.  Appointments usually take place during school hours.