Standardized Testing

At Knoxville Catholic High School, we administer the PSAT and Pre-ACT for our students to begin preparing for standardized testing for college admissions.  Our testing timeline is as follows:

Freshman Year:

  • PSAT 8/9 in October

Sophomore Year:

  • PSAT in October
  • Pre-Act in Spring

Junior Year:

  • PSAT in October (this serves as the qualifying test for the National Merit Scholarship Competition)

Students are encouraged to make their own plans for taking the ACT and/or SAT test.  In general, most students will begin testing during their junior year. Students enrolled in Pre-Calculus math their junior year are ready to begin testing by December while students who are taking Geometry are ready around February of their junior year. Statistically, a student will earn their best score within three attempts of either test. We recommend a student take a test twice before the end of their junior year. This allows students a solid score on which to build or narrow a college application list. Students will still have opportunities to take the test again in the fall of their senior year, depending on application deadlines. Dates for the ACT and SAT are published for the entire year and run from September until June.

Students can register for these tests here: