The Guidance Department serves to encourage, support and challenge students as they prepare for college and beyond. We offer a comprehensive four-year counseling program that addresses the academic, career and personal development of every student.

Counselors are trained to be leaders and collaborators within the school, advocates for the students and proponents of systemic change to increase the academic achievement of students. Our team of counselors and advisors promote school success through prevention and intervention, advocacy, social/emotional development and career exploration.

The Guidance Department offers individual student counseling, academic advising, standardized test analysis, crisis counseling and referrals for counseling or academic needs. Resources are posted and updated on ParentsWeb that include information on colleges, admission processes, financial aid, scholarships, standardized testing and careers.

Parent Nights are coordinated through the Guidance Department, providing grade-level information to parents and families. Please contact Mrs. Tammy Hopson, Guidance Assistant, for parent night dates and information: 865-560-0501 or

KCHS Alumni: If you would like to request a copy of your high school transcript, please contact Suzanne Judd, Registrar, at 865-560-0313 or

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Guidance Contact Information:

Kat Coy – Department Chair
School Counselor, Grades 10-12, Last Names A-G


Melinda Kirk
School Counselor, Grades 10-12, Last Names H-N


Jennifer LaMattina
School Counselor, Grades 10-12, Last Names O-Z


Joni Punch
Admissions Dean


Suzanne Judd
Freshman Advisor

Lynne Rucinski
Learning Specialist


Mary Ann Merrell
Learning Center Assistant


Tammy Hopson
Guidance Assistant