Irish Parent Network

KCHS students greatly benefit from parent involvement. Please consider participating in Irish Parent Network (IPN) activities to become more engaged in our school community. The Irish Parent Network (IPN) includes all parents with students enrolled at Knoxville Catholic High School. IPN is led by the IPN Board who serve as chairpersons over various committees.

The primary focus of the IPN Board is to:

  • Provide an environment and avenue for parental involvement
  • Promote community within Knoxville Catholic
  • Foster a sense of appreciation for the students, faculty, and staff
  • Facilitate communications between parents and staff on key issues
  • Provide support to individual families within the KCHS community as needed


Examples of IPN Activities throughout the year:

First Day lunches, Faculty and Staff Appreciation Lunches, Class Facebook Pages, Coffee with the President, School-wide Open House, Catholic Schools Week Celebrations, School Counselor lunches with parents, and President’s Brunch support.

Do you want to be involved or help on one of the committees? Have questions or suggestions? Please email