Fast Facts

President: Dickie Sompayrac
Chaplain: Fr. Christopher Floersh
Enrollment: 645
Grades: 9 through 12
Tuition (19-20): $11,212 (Catholic), $12,781 (NC)
Average Class Size: 17
Student Teacher Ratio: 11:1
Motto: Ut Christum Feram (That I Might Bear Christ)
Campus: Built in 2000 on 38 acres in West Knoxville
Facilities: 60,000 square feet, featuring:

  • Holy Trinity Chapel
  • Three Academic Wings, including Schaad Hall and the All Saints Academic Annex
  • Faris Field House (Athletic Training Complex)
  • Nancy Swain Waters Guidance Suite
  • Coughlin Technology Lab
  • Schriver Fine Arts Suite, featuring the Megan Birkel ‘05 Performing Arts Room
  • Gymnasium, featuring the newly refurbished McCabe Court
  • Mankel Media Center
  • Garrity Administrative Suite

Athletics: 51 teams | 30 sports – 65% student participation
Student Organizations: 40+ | 95% student participation

Advanced Placement

In 2019, 183 students took a total of 337 exams, 72% scored 3 or above.

KCHS offers 62 Honors & AP courses.

Student Body

KCHS is a diocesan school that exists primarily for the education of Catholic students. Students of any race, gender, creed, color, religion or national origin may apply and may be admitted as space permits.

Knoxville Catholic High School benefits from a rich community of families with diverse cultural backgrounds. We are proud of our diversity and our goal is to promote an inclusive student body.

76% of our student body is Catholic. Students hail from a variety of socio-economic and family educational backgrounds, and span a wide range of academic abilities.

Student Support
Approximately 17% of our students are being served due to a diagnosed learning difference. Those students receive a Student Support Plan and work as needed with our Learning Center staff to ensure they have appropriate accommodations for a positive learning experience.