Welcome to the 2020 KCHS Awards!

Heavenly Father, source of all life and knowledge, we give you thanks and praise for the many gifts you have given us. We thank you for the people you have put in our lives who help us recognize and perfect these gifts. We ask your continued help in using our talents for your honor and glory. We make this prayer in the name of Jesus, our Lord. Amen.

88th Commencement Ceremony
Friday, June 19 • 8 p.m.

National Merit Finalist

In October, over 1.6 million students in 22,000 high schools across the United States took the PSAT which serves as the qualifying exam for the National Merit Competition.

Within the National Merit Competition only 16,000 students of the original 1.6 million students have been chosen as Finalists. In the entire state of Tennessee, roughly only 300 students representing less than 1% of Tennessee high school seniors have earned this honor. One member of the Class of 2020 has been recognized as a National Merit Finalist – Lincoln Murr. Congratulations!



National Merit Commended Scholars

Nearly 34,000 of the original 1.6 million PSAT participants have been recognized as Commended Scholars. Four members of the class of 2020 have been recognized as National Merit Commended Scholars and are among the top 5% of PSAT testers. Pictured L to R: Michael Stapleton, Melanie Cionfolo, Carly Slough, Lincoln Murr (NMS Finalist), Neeley Wilson.

National Hispanic Recognition Award

The College Board has selected 5,000 students in the nation, from an original pool of over 400,000 students, to its National Hispanic Recognition Program. Congratulations to Maria (Andrea) Subtirelu!




Sedes Sapientiae Award

The Sedes Sapientiae Award is the highest honor that Knoxville Catholic High School confers on its graduating seniors. This award, voted on by the Faculty and the Administration, is presented to two seniors who best epitomize loyalty, service, scholarship and authentic Christian leadership.

Jesus Christ is the Wisdom of God the Father. He took flesh in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary and, seated upon her knee, He grew in wisdom, age, and grace. Mary made a fitting throne for the LORD, and thus she is the Sedes Sapientiae, the Seat of Wisdom. 

In naming our highest award for Mary, Seat of Wisdom, Knoxville Catholic seeks both to honor the Mother of God and to encourage our students to take her as a model of Christian life. The recipients of this award are students who, in the eyes of the faculty, best demonstrate the supernatural faith, hope, and charity that marked Our Lady’s life on Earth and that denote true wisdom. 

Plaques for the prestigious honor will be awarded at Graduation and the Sedes Sapientiae recipients will be the honored speakers at graduation. 

Please acknowledge the Sedes Sapientiae Award winners for the Class of 2020 – Mary Elizabeth Cox and Michael Stapleton.


Military Appointment

Congratulations to Blaine Dolin for receiving an appointment to the United States Military Academy at West Point. With so many applicants and only 1,250 cadetships to offer, the Admissions Committee was very selective. Catholic High School is honored to have one of these successful applicants in its graduating class. For the aspiring candidate, West Point offers a fully paid four-year college scholarship valued in excess of $300,000.

The West Point experience culminates with a Bachelor of Science degree and a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the United States Army. As an officer, Blaine will be entrusted with the responsibility of leading the sons and daughters of America. In these trying times, it is important that we realize the magnitude of this responsibility, and Blaine has proven that he has what it takes to succeed at West Point and in the Army.

President’s Volunteer Service Award

The President’s Volunteer Service Award is a prestigious national honor offered in recognition of sustained volunteer service. Established in 2003, The President’s Volunteer Service Award gives Presidential recognition to students who have demonstrated continuing commitment to service. This award inspires others to contribute to their communities through volunteer service and to make volunteer service a central part of their lives.

The 2020 President’s Volunteer Service Award Bronze recipients with up to 174 hours of service are:

Hailey Adam
Vivi Christopoulos
Melanie Cionfolo
Lawrence Mancini
Marguerite Padgett
Celestina Pint

The President’s Volunteer Service Award Silver recipients have earned up to 249 hours of service:

Hazel Mitrik
Meredith Thomas

The President’s Volunteer Service Award Gold recipients have earned over 250 hours of service.

Eleni Christopoulos
Mary Elizabeth Cox
Charlie Kirk
Madeline Phillips
Morgan Phillips
Katie Shipe

Recognition of National Honor Society Members

In order to be eligible for membership in the National Honor Society, students must be a Junior or Senior who maintains a weighted GPA of 3.85 or above. These students must show a high degree of leadership, character and service to the school and community. The 2019-20 inductees are:

Lauren Arnone
Peter Ayo
Sean Brennan
Sarah Burnett
Dylan Carroll
Luci Carson
Adam Cieslik
Allison Clay
Meredith Clay
Molly Deinhart
Grace Despard
An Doan
Jenna Fairbrother
Genevieve Fisher
Bella Fishman
Allison Freitag
Chase Fuller
Daniel Halley
Eunyoung Hong
Alexa Huerta

Alexis Huerta
Cecelia Kirk
Ben Kozemko
Cassie Kuerschen

Kate Landen
Emily Latham
Taylor Layman
Alice LeTran
Clare Mather
George McCarty
Sam McLean
Marisa McMichael
Sydney Mesmer
Hazel Mitrik
Vinny Molino
Holly Nguyen
Sonya Nguyen
Katie Orillion
Mary Frances Penn
Elisabeth Perry
Elizabeth Priano

Amelia Rechter
Nicholas Renfree
Lauren Robson
Gracie Sewell
Riley Smith
Sam Sompayrac
Caroline Southall
Devon Srdoc
Nicholas St. Germain
Lauren Stouffer
Jack Swartwood
Sarah Tackett
Meredith Thomas
Madeline Thompson
Ellen Vo
Mary Linh Vu
Kate Walsh
Elizabeth Waltman
Jesse Wang
Sarah Watermeier

Senior Awards

  • The Mother Teresa Outstanding Witness Award is presented to a student who, in the estimation of his or her Religion teachers, has not only taken a sincere interest in learning the faith, but has also been a witness for our school community by living the Gospel with fortitude. This year’s award goes to Eleanor Mancini.
  • The Senior Mathematics Award is presented to a member of the graduating class who, in the estimation of the Mathematics Department, has demonstrated excellent performance in Mathematics throughout four years of high school. This year’s recipient is Lincoln Murr.
  • The Senior Science Award is presented to a member of the graduating class who, in the estimation of the Science Department, has demonstrated excellent performance in science throughout four years of high school. This year’s recipient is Eleanor Mancini.
  • The Sister Mary DeLellis French Award is presented to the student who demonstrates a strong proficiency in French and a love of the language and culture. This year’s award goes to Gabriel Quintero-Hernandez.
  • The St. John Paul II Senior Award for Excellence in the Social Sciences is awarded to a senior student for outstanding academic achievement in the advanced study of geography, history, economics and political science. This year’s recipient is Katie Holt.
  • The recipient of the Louise Wyman Excellence in Music Award is a Senior who has demonstrated a love of music and pursuit of musical excellence at school, in the community and in his/her daily life. This year’s recipients are Eleni Christopoulos and Carly Slough.
  • The John Philip Sousa Band Award is the most prestigious honor given to high school band students. Since its inception in 1954, the award has been given to thousands of outstanding musicians and is presented in virtually every band program in the country. For outstanding leadership, talent, and dedication to the KCHS Band Program, this year’s award goes to Alex Dally.
  • Fred Waring was one of the leading choral directors of the 20th Century. He composed and arranged music, and was a mentor to Robert Shaw, another great choral director of the 20th century. This award recognizes the talent and enthusiasm of outstanding choral members. The Fred Waring Award for choral endeavors is presented to Sophie Susano.
  • St. Genesius is the patron saint of actors. He encouraged Christian artists to create “epiphanies of beauty” and encouraged the flourishing of all arts. The St. Genesius Award for Theater is presented to a member of the graduating class who has demonstrated leadership, creativity, and passion for the arts throughout their involvement in the KCHS Theater Club & Company. This year’s recipient is Guadi Fanelli.
  • Mike and Milly Tarricone were life-long Catholics with a strong devotion to education. As members of St. Mary’s Parish in Oak Ridge, they supported the school with prayer and treasure. Once their grandchildren began attending college, Mike and Milly bestowed an annual check that they referred to as “book money.”  As a tribute to their parents and grandparents, the extended Tarricone family wants to continue the “book money” tradition.  The Tarricone Book Award Essay Prize goes to McKenna Garibay.
  • The DAR Good Citizenship Award – Each year the Bonny Kate Chapter of The Daughters of the American Revolution asks KCHS to nominate a student for its Good Citizenship Award. This year’s nominee is Andrew Pabst.

Junior Awards

  • The James C. Brennan ’61 Writing Prize was created with donated funds by members of the Class of 1961to honor the memory of their beloved classmate, James “Jim” Brennan, and to celebrate current students exhibiting a love of writing. Jim was an avid reader and writer and a standout in his class for his wit and intellectual curiosity. He served as the Sports Editor for the “Green & Gold” newspaper, now the “Blarney Stone Press.” The recipient of the James C. Brennan Writing Prize is awarded $100 in recognition of his/her passion for writing. This year’s recipient is Katie Holt.
  • The Junior Mathematics Award recognizes a Junior who has successfully and extraordinarily completed two and one-half credits of mathematics and has shown outstanding ability in mathematics. This year’s recipient is Jesse Wang.
  • The Junior Science Award recognizes a Junior who has successfully and extraordinarily completed two and one-half credits of science and has shown outstanding ability in science. This year’s recipient is Riley Smith.
  • Sister Louise Lovejoy, a Sister of Charity of Nazareth, taught at Knoxville Catholic from 1971 to 1993. The Sister Louise Lovejoy Social Studies Award is presented to the student who, in the estimation of the Social Studies Department, exhibits and embodies the characteristics Sister valued and instilled in her students. The recipient of this award is a disciplined student who exhibits honesty, integrity and independence of thought. This year’s recipient is Sam Sompayrac.

Boys’ and Girls’ State

Each summer the American Legion sponsors Boys’ and Girls’ State weeks near Nashville. Schools from across the state send representatives to participate in mock state government and elect their own officials. The KCHS faculty nominates students based on an interest in government, leadership, character, honesty, scholarship and community participation.

Boys State

Dylan Carroll
An Doan
Ben Kozemko
Nicholas Renfree
Sam Sompayrac
Jack Swartwood

Girls State

Fatima Arias-Santiago
Molly Deinhart
Jenna Fairbrother
Eunyoung Hong
Marisa McMichael
Hazel Mitrik

Athletic Awards

Scholar-Athletes participate in KCHS athletic programs while maintaining an overall weighted GPA of at least 3.75. In 2020, 35 seniors have earned this distinction: 

Maya Alves
Ethan Boder
Joshua Borja
Luci Carson
Eleni Christopoulos
Davis Clem
Mary Elizabeth Cox
Blaine Dolin
Evie Dougherty
Cathy Fan
Parker Griffey
Jack Hancock
Anna Hoang
Katie Holt
Samantha Kaczmarek
Eleanor Mancini
Claire Mather

Vinnie Molino
Austin Naab
Jack Newman

Ian Osborn
Maggie Padgett
Chris Paul
Evan Ray
Lauren Robson
Terra Schaeffer
Gracie Sewell
Tony Spezia
Joseph Tornstrom
Callie Grace Tucker
Ellen Vo
Annalise Weedman
Emily Wilson
Neeley Wilson
Ian Witsoe

Each year the Optimist Club of Knoxville presents the Johnny Mauer Award to a Senior at each area high school. This senior is recognized as someone who best combines academic achievement and athletic accomplishment in a varsity sport. This year’s recipient is Callie Tucker.

The George Willard Award is given by the Athletic Department to the athlete who embodies team building skills and outstanding character. This year’s award goes to Kaden White.

The Hugh O’Brien Youth Foundation Outstanding Sophomore Award goes to Ceci Pumariega and Kaden Martin.

The United States Army Reserve National Scholar-Athlete Award is presented to a senior female and a senior male who, in the estimation of the Athletic Staff, have demonstrated outstanding achievement in a varsity or comparable sport while maintaining superior academic credentials. This year’s certificates go to Eleanor Mancini and Parker Griffey.

Art and Media Recognition

The Scholastic Art Awards program gives students throughout America the opportunity to broaden their creative horizons while earning local and national recognition. The objective is to foster the confidence of young artists and give them the opportunity to be recognized for their creative achievements. This year KCHS has a recipient of the Scholastic Art Award: Davis Clem – Gold Medal. Congratulations!

Each year the Tennessee High School Press Association recognizes students for superior work. The school yearbook, The Shamrock, received third place for “Best Overall Yearbook” rating. This certificate goes to editor Caroline Hunse. In addition, Caroline also placed second place in Best Academics Copy and third in Best Headline. The Blarney Stone, the school newspaper, received a “Superior” rating and also received 2nd place for “Best Overall Website”. This certificate goes to Zoe Haub. The Irish Review, the school magazine, received third place for Best Layout/Design.

The following also placed in other THSPA awards:

Eleanor Mancini – 3rd place for Best Feature Story
Ansley Letsinger – 1st place for Best Review
Anastasia Kelley – 2nd place for Best Photograph
Katie Holt – 1st place for Best Inside Page Design
Parker Slough and Mateo Gorrondona – 1st place Best Clubs/Organization Copy
Kevin Farmer and Matt Robinson – 3rd place for Best Clubs/Organization Copy
Jezarai Allen and Tiffany Vo – 1st place for Best Sports Copy
Cade Huber – 3rd place for Best Sports Copy
Desiree Ruiz – 1st place for Best Academics Photograph
Davis Clem – 2nd place for Best Sports Photograph

The 2020 Shamrock Award for Yearbook goes to Mateo Gorrondona
The 2020 Blarney Stone Press Award for Newspaper goes to Eliza Noell.
The School Photojournalism Award goes to Emma Browning.
The School Literary Magazine Award for The Irish Review goes to Katie Holt.

Honor Roll and President’s List


There are two honor rolls at Knoxville Catholic: First Honors and President’s List.

While it is certainly an honor to have achieved either First Honors or President’s List for any quarter, it is exceptional when a student maintains President’s List status for three quarters of the year. Students who achieved President’s List for all three quarters of the year would normally be honored at a special brunch. Those receiving an invitation to the President’s Brunch this year are the following:


Mason Burkhardt
Reagan Cozart
Flynn Harrigan
Celestina Pint
William Pinzon
Alex Powers
Lexie Stempkowski
Ashley Watermeier
Julia Zabek
Adriana Zablah


Grayson Belt
Quinn Brennan
Rachel Brettin
Samaha Duffy
Gabby Fortich
Ceci Pumariega
Hank Standaert
Spencer Stovall
Handje Tamba
Alonso Vela


Lauren Arnone
Dylan Carroll
Allison Clay
Cassie Kuerschen
Marisa McMichael
Ella O’Tool
Elizabeth Priano
Riley Smith
Jesse Wang
Emery Wright


Alex Dally
Ashley Freudenberg
Parker Griffey
Addy Mench
Lincoln Murr
Kate Walsh
Neeley Wilson

President’s & Departmental Awards

President’s Awards

Faculty Members were asked to name the student in each department who has made outstanding effort in that discipline. Congratulations to:

Religion – Fannie Njoroge
English – Karaaz Johnson
Fine Arts –  Davis Clem
Foreign Language –  Lauren Arnone
Lifetime Wellness/PE – Ethan Kilevori
Mathematics – Genevieve Fisher
Science – Daniel Parris
Social Studies – Brady Glasgow

Departmental Awards

Each year KCHS teachers are asked to submit names of students who have excelled in specific classes. Difficult decisions go on behind the scenes in each department to choose the exemplary students who have worked so hard for these awards. Awards are based not only on the students’ class averages, but also on the students’ total participatory contributions as well as on their behavior and attitude. These awards are among the most coveted of all presented. Congratulations to:

Introduction to Catholicism – Maeve Thornton
Religion I Jesus Christ in Revelation – Flynn Harrigan
Religion II The Mission of Christ and the Church – Becca Duhamel
Religion III Morality & Sacraments – Grace Despard
Religion IV Christian Vocation – Anna Hoang & Henry Waltman
Religion IV Apologetics – Cathy Fan & Grace Morgan
Knights of The Altar – Tony Spezia

Business and Technology
Personal Finance – Carly Slough
Introduction to Business – Chloe Arnwine
Introduction to Management – Joseph Tornstrom
INFS 1010 Computer Application DE – Alex Dally
Digital Media – Hailey Rapien
Digital Media: Live Events – Charlie Kirk
Digital Media: Newscast – Austin Naab
Social Media Development – Rachel Bazzoon
Microsoft Suite – Hector Gonzalez
Computer Coding – Devon Srdoc

English I – Devin Lively, Adriana Zablah, Florian Zunino
English II – Davis Huber, Spencer Stovall, Handje Tamba
English III – Marisa McMichael, Sarah Tackett, Sarah Morton
English III AP – Hazel Mitrik
English IV – Cathy Fan, Rachel Watermeier
English IV AP – Lincoln Murr
Creative Writing – Grace Parkhill
Film as Literature 9/10 – Rory Man
Film as Literature 11/12 – Guadi Fanelli
Great Books – Trey Dougherty

Fine Arts
Art I – Nicolas Underwood
Studio Art AP – Kiersten Man
Drawing – Eliza Ainsworth
Ceramics – Leonardo Vargas
Portfolio – Brunswick Waruszewski
3D Design – Molly Deinhart
Digital Photography – Sophie Haluski
Painting I – Sarah Burnett
Painting II – Derri Thompson
Catholic Chorale – Rory Man
Irish Ensemble – Elizabeth McCready

Theater I – Sophie Noell
Scene Study (Acting) – Grayson Belt
Scene Study (Acting/Directing) – Sophie Susano
Musical Theater – Catelyn Krings
Dance Fundamentals – AnneMarie Shipp
Advanced Dance – Madeline Kate Fultz
Dance Hip-Hop – Neeley Wilson

World Language
Spanish I – Eli Hamilton, Anthony Johnston, Envy Winton
Spanish II – Ian Inpanathan, Maggie Miller, Sarah Morton, Alex Powers
Spanish III – Eliza Ainsworth, Maria Coco, Alex Kirksey
Spanish IV – Dylan Carroll
Spanish AP – Lincoln Murr
French I – Tina Fanelli, Lexie Stempkowski
French II – Madison Oliver, Josalyn Whitehouse
French III – Anna Bunstine, Elizabeth Priano
French IV – Cori Purcell
French AP – Andrea Subtirelu
Latin I – Finley Copeland
Latin II – Tiffany Vo
Latin III – Bailey Glasgow
Latin IV – Mary Elizabeth Cox

Lifetime Wellness and Physical Fitness
Lifetime Wellness – Anna Kaufman (girls), Quinn Brennan (boys)
Physical Fitness – Gracie Pardue (girls), Mark Truong (boys)
Weight Training Girls – Marie-Veronic Kouakou
Weight Training Boys – Henry Waltman
Weight Training Football – Javis Mynatt
Sports Nutrition – Chris Daley

Algebra I – Michael Green, Elijah Lawson, Sophie Noell
Algebra II – Leo Brown, Angeline Lopez, Maeve Thornton
Geometry – Emma McCollum, Celestina Pint, Sherylynn Sittniewski
College Algebra – Kevin Golec
Pre-Calculus – Quinn Brennan, Emery Wright
Statistics – Hailey Adam
AP Statistics – Callie Tucker
Calculus – Alex Dally
Calculus AB AP – Peter Ayo
Calculus BC AP – Melanie Cionfolo

Biology I – Flynn Harrigan, Devin Lively, William Pinzon
Biology AP – Dylan Carroll
Oceanography – Amelia Rechter
Environmental Science – Bailey Glasgow
Ecology – Adam Cieslik
Engineering & Technology – Marisa McMichael
Forensics – Claire Earl
Physical Science – Andy de Leon Davila
Chemistry I – Angelina Lopez, Kaylie Pomerantz, Alonso Vela
Chemistry II – Meredith Thomas
Chemistry II AP – Elizabeth Priano
Physiology – Annalise Weedman, Emery Wright
Physics – Anna Hoang
Physics 1 AP – Pete Ayo
Physics C: Mechanics AP – Eunyoung Hong

Social Studies
World History – Ethan Price, Ceci Pumariega
World History: Modern AP – Anastasia Kelly
European History AP – Hank Standaert
U.S. History – Cassie Kuerschen, Meredith Thomas
U.S. History AP – Alice LeTran
U.S. Government – Evie Dougherty, Jordan Drummond
U.S. Government AP – Andrew Pabst
Economics – Cathy Fan
Human Geography AP – Ben Sompayrac
Driver’s Education –  Jo Kelley

Congratulations on an amazing 2019-2020 academic school year;
we are so proud of you! #GoIrish ☘️