Irish Spirit Shop

The Irish Spirit Shop offers KCHS apparel and fan gear to our community of families and friends!  The Spirit Shop is located in the school’s bookstore in our main commons area.  Contact us at

green-glow-logo-for-webThe Irish Spirit Shop is pleased to announce the debut of “Green & Glow” –  jewelry created for Knoxville Catholic High School by the Gemstore by JTV.  This collection includes something for all of your favorite Irish fans.  Please contact Diannah Miller ( or 865-560-0502) to order your items today.  Each piece is custom made and will take three weeks to be delivered.  Remember to layer items for the perfect game day (or any day) look!


Silver Irish Nation Memory Bangle $27.00
Gold Irish Nation Memory Bangle $27.00
Silver Irish Pride Memory Bangle $27.00
Silver Fighting Irish Memory Bangle $27.00
Silver KCHS Memory Bangle $27.00
Green/Gold TN Slider Charm Bangle $48.00
Green/Gold Shamrock Slider Charm Bangle $45.00
Green/Gold Football Slider Charm Bangle $48.00
Green/Gold Small Sparkle Bangle $97.00
Green/Gold Medium Sparkle Bangle $109.00
Green/Gold Large Sparkle Bangle $132.00
Green/Gold TN Charm Necklace $36.00
Green/Gold Football Charm Necklace $55.00
Green/Gold Shamrock Charm Necklace $30.00
Green/Gold Cylinder Charm Necklace $44.00
Solid Green Petite Cross Necklace $45.00
Green/Gold Horseshoe Hoop Earrings $63.00
Green/Gold Round Stud Earrings $42.00