Robotics Alumni

Rebecca Dietz ’14

Rebecca is currently studying at the University of Alabama’s Honors College to become a mechanical engineer.  Like Maddie, she is also a member of the German Engineering Exchange Program and is additionally pursuing a minor in International Studies.  She hopes to merge her love of global studies with engineering through the exchange program.  When asked about how she managed to achieve a spot in the German Engineering Exchange Program, Rebecca simply said that she mentioned FIRST Robotics in every interview that she attended and relied heavily on skills that she learned in Robotics.  During her time at KCHS, Rebecca worked as our Safety Captain and spent countless hours building the robot.

Libby Fortunato ’13

Libby is currently pursuing a degree in bio-systems engineering with a minor in environmental engineering at the University of Tennessee.  As a member of the incredibly prestigious Haslam Scholars program at UTK, Libby has definitely gone on to make her alma mater proud.  She spent her summer studying water resources and glaciology in the Austrian Alps, and currently works in a bio-inspired sensors and transduction laboratory out of the University of Tennessee’s mechanical engineering department. Within the next two years, Libby hopes to intern abroad working with water resource management.  While a member of the KCHS robotics team, Libby was the captain of the safety team and helped design and build the actual robot.

Maddie Lease ’14

Currently, Maddie is pursuing an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering at the University of Alabama’s honor college and is a member of the German Engineering Exchange Program – a prestigious program that promotes international cooperation through an alliance with Mercedes-Benz.  This program is not only incredibly challenging academically but also is made increasingly difficult by requiring students to learn a second language – German.  She is looking forward to her first internship this summer at the Mercedes-Benz plant in Tuscaloosa, AL and is further excited by the idea of spending her entire Junior Year oversees taking classes and interning for Mercedes-Benz.  During her time at KCHS, Maddie was a member of the build team and also helped with scouting and communicating with other teams during competitions.

Chris Masuo ’13

Currently, Chris is pursuing an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering with a focus in robotics at the University of Tennessee as well as working in the engineering department. At his work, he uses various tools to innovate and design complex machinery, including a 3D printer that he helped assemble himself. Additionally, Chris continues to assist the Robotichauns as both a programming and build team mentor.  During his time on the Robotichauns, Chris helped fill a massive void on the team by teaching himself LabView, a coding language for robotics, and becoming the lead programmer – a position that was not filled at the time. Without the hard work and dedication of members like Chris, the robotics team would have been off to a rocky start the first few years.

Ben Nadolsky ’14

Ben is currently studying biomedical engineering at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut despite multiple offers from other highly ranked universities such as Stanford.  While on the KCHS robotics team, Ben served as team captain and head of the drive team.  He also worked with CAD software to develop custom 3D printed parts for our robot.  Ben claims that the 4 years that he had to practice CAD on the same software many engineering firms use across the country made him an attractive candidate at many top tier universities all over the country as well as prepared him for potential internships and jobs in the future.