Capital Campaign

Living our Mission through Growth Capital Campaign

KCHS Launches Phase III…The Field House

Knoxville Catholic High School is engaged in a fundraising effort to expand our facilities and ensure our future as an institution of excellence.  In November of 2006 we launched the three-phased Living our Mission through Growth Capital Campaign.

PHASE I: Build a 19,000 square foot academic wing that will serve an additional 200 students and meet the needs of our growing Catholic community.  Construction started in May of 2007 and students began using the new classrooms and guidance suite in January of 2008.  COMPLETE

PHASE II: Raise the funds to increase the KCHS endowment to $1 million, providing the school with a sound financial foundation.  COMPLETE

PHASE III: Expand our current training facilities to accomodate growing sports and wellness programs for boys and girls. COMPLETE