African American Alumni Association (4A)

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Terry “Squid” Schofield ’77

"Friendliest" Viviane Manigat '75 with Mike DeWine

Viviane Manigat ’75 with Mike DeWine, “Friendliest”

Our Mission: To provide emotional and educational support to Knoxville Catholic High School’s African American alumni and to preserve our heritage within the school and greater Knoxville community.

Knoxville Catholic’s African American Alumni Association (4A) serves African American, African, and other graduates of Knoxville Catholic High School who identify with an African American heritage. The association was established to connect African American alumni, including faculty, with each other and their alma mater through access to a membership roster, school events, and alumni gatherings. KCHS 4A was created with the purpose to mentor current students and, ultimately, establish an annual scholarship for current African American students.

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Contacts (click to email):
Viviane Manigat Jackson ’75
Dr. Terry “Squid” Schofield ’77

The Most Rev. Joseph A. Durick (our Bishop from 1969-1975) delivers God's word as Coretta Scott King and family listen.

The Most Rev. Joseph A. Durick (Bishop of Nashville from 1969-1975) delivers God’s word as Coretta Scott King and family listen.