Tuition & Fees

Tuition rates for the 2018/2019 school year are listed below.  Through the textbook rental program each student will receive the required textbooks and any associated workbooks.  At the end of each course students will return those textbooks.  Parents will be billed for any unreturned books at replacement cost.

The fees paid per student cover student activity fee, technology fee, yearbook, spirit week t-shirt, class dues, parent membership in the Irish Parent Network, course fees (except Driver’s Ed), annual retreat, and graduation fee (senior year).

Additional expenses that may be incurred include, but are not limited to, uniforms, lunches, parking, athletic participation fees and expenses, school supplies, AP testing fees and novels for English classes.

Deposit: A $350.00 non-refundable deposit is required at time of contract signing (March 9, 2018) for all new students (freshmen and transfer students).  This amount will be applied to tuition.

Catholic Students Tuition: $ 9,630.00
Fees: $    525.00
Textbook Rental: $    350.00
Total Tuition, Books, Fees: $10,505.00
Non-Catholic Students Tuition $ 11,125.00
Fees: $    525.00
Textbook Rental: $    350.00
Total Tuition, Books, Fees: $12,000.00


Four payment options are available:

1. Full tuition payment due by July 1 through FACTs Tuition Management Program in July 2018.

2. Monthly payment through FACTs Tuition Management Program.  Payments are made over a ten month period (July through April) via automatic withdrawal.

3. Quarterly payments through FACTS Tuition Management Program.

4. Semi-annual payments through FACTS Tuition Management Program.