International Admissions

Knoxville Catholic High School has hosted international students from around the world. In recent years, students from Brazil, China, Africa, and Germany have called KCHS home. The teachers and students at KCHS appreciate the opportunity to work and socialize alongside our international students. International students have been successful in our school and have become full, active participants in our community- both academically and socially.

Knoxville Catholic would like to welcome you into our family!

International Admission Information
  • To be considered for admission, applicants should complete the online international student application. The nonrefundable $500 application fee and supporting documents must be submitted before the I-20 will be issued.
  • International students are only admitted at the beginning of the school year. Students are not admitted after the school year begins in August.
  • KCHS is not responsible for locating host families or housing needs.
  • Applicants will be expected to submit a Junior TOEFL or TOEFL score report.
  • Skype interviews will be arranged between the admissions office and the applicant.
2017-2018 International Student Tuition and Fees:

Tuition: $15,000
Fees: $525
Textbook Rental: $350
Total tuition, books, fees: $15,875