Religion Department

The purpose of the Religion Department is to proclaim and teach the Christian message in a way that is both systematic and pastoral. The content of the Faith and the teachings of the Church provide a foundation for the development of our students’ faith lives, in order that they might grow in understanding of what it means to be disciples who affect the world. Opportunities for the gift and nurturance of faith are made available through liturgical and pastoral activities both in and out of the classroom. Ultimately, the goal of the department is to assist in leading students to full identification with Jesus as lived within a rich Catholic tradition.

Courses Offered

Religion 1 CP Catholic Christianity Grade 9 1 Credit
Religion 2 CP Sacred Scripture Grade 10 1 Credit
Religion 3 CP Church History & Apologetics Grade 11 1 Credit
Religion 4 CP Christian Vocation Grade 12 ½ Credit
Religion 4 CP Morality/Social Justice Grade 12 ½ Credit

Christian Service Requirements

As Christians, we are personally called by Jesus Christ to be of service to each other (John 13:13-15). As part of our response to that call, each student is required to complete a specified number of service hours each school year. Freshmen and transfer students are required to complete 20 hours of service per year, and each returning sophomore, junior, and senior student is required to complete 30 hours of service per school year. A portion of these hours must be service given directly to those in need. Hours are to be documented and submitted to the service coordinator. Completion of these hours is a requirement for continuation of enrollment at KCHS and for graduation. Students will receive specific information from their religion teachers.