Physical Education

Physical Education Department

The Health and Physical Education Department strives to promote each student’s physical and emotional wellness. Beginning with the class of 2013, students are required to complete an additional ½ credit in Physical Education. This requirement may be met by substituting a documented and equivalent time of KCHS sponsored physical activity in cheerleading, interscholastic athletics, and other areas approved by the administration. For those students not involved in such an activity, PE may be taken more than once to acquire the additional required ½ credit. Regardless of extra or co-curricular sports involvement, all students are required to take Lifetime Wellness (1/2 credit PE, ½ credit Health).

Courses Offered

Lifetime Wellness Health– Girls CP   ½ Credit
Lifetime Wellness Health- Boys CP   ½ Credit
Lifetime Wellness PE- Girls CP   ½ Credit
Lifetime Wellness PE- Boys CP   ½ Credit
Weight Training– Girls CP   ½ Credit
Weight Training- Boys CP   ½ Credit

Additional Courses Offered

Drivers Education CP   ½ Credit
Prerequisite: Student must have driving permit and $350 course fee on the first day of class.
Personal Finance CP   ½ Credit
Study Skills   ½ Credit
Pass/Fail Grading. Prerequisite: School Counselor Approval.
Study Hall    No Credit
Teaching/Office Assistant Grade 12 ½ Credit
Pass/Fail Grading. Prerequisite: Teacher and school counselor approval required.
Test Preparation Grade 10, 11, 12 ½ Credit
Web Page Design CP   ½ Credit
Desktop Publishing CP   ½ Credit
Weekend Test Preparation for SAT/ACT    
No High School credit awarded.