Academics at KCHS are organized in the following departments:

Nikki Mynatt, Department Chair
The goal of the English Department is to prepare students for college and beyond through a solid background in literary studies, grammar and composition. KCHS students are required to successfully complete English 1 through 4, and Writing and Research.

Fine Arts
Susan Passarello, Department Chair
The Fine Arts Department offers course studies in a variety of visual and performing arts. One Fine Art credit must be earned for graduation, however students are encouraged to earn two credits. Most Fine Arts classes are offered to all grade levels.

Foreign Language
Ashley Lawrence, Department Chair
The Foreign Language Department offers comprehensive course studies in French, Spanish and Latin. All students are required to earn two credits in the same language to graduate. Students will begin in a level 1 course, unless placement test results indicate the need for alternative placement. All courses are offered to all grade levels and designed for students demonstrating above average ability in the target language.

Susie Rowland, Department Chair
The Math Department provides courses on all academic levels and builds the foundation necessary to excel on achievement tests such as the ACT and SAT. Students are required to have 4 credits of math. For Advanced Placement courses, students must complete an application, pass a proficiency test, and be recommended by a math teacher.

Physical Education
The Health and Physical Education Department strives to promote each student’s physical and emotional wellness. Students are required to complete 1.5 credits from this department.

Sr. John Catherine Kennedy, O.P., Department Chair
KCHS proclaims and teaches the Christian message in a way that is both systematic and pastoral. The content of the Faith and the teachings of the Church provide a foundation for student development, in order that they might grow in understanding of what it means to be disciples who affect the world. Opportunities for the expansion of the gift and nurturance of faith are available through liturgical and pastoral activities, both in and out of the classroom. The goal of the Religion Department is to help lead student to full identification with Jesus with a rich Catholic tradition.

Tammy Walden, Department Chair
The Science Department offers courses in both the physical and life sciences. In order for students to better understand the world in which we live, all courses include both theoretical and laboratory work. Biology I and at least two other sciences (a total of three credits) are required for graduation.

Social Studies
Erin Chady, Department Chair
KCHS Social Studies courses cover the people and places of our world. This includes studies of the past and present, the people and the places where they live, and the causes and effects of events. Students are required to take Geography, World History, U.S. History, U.S. Government and Economics to graduate.