About Knoxville Catholic High School

Dear Friends of KCHS:

Welcome to the Knoxville Catholic High School website – we are glad you are here!

Since 1932, KCHS has enjoyed a rich tradition of providing a quality Catholic education for the young people of the Knoxville area. As you peruse this website, it is my sincere hope that you will acquire a strong sense of our unique spirit and mission.

Recently, the National Catholic High School Honor Roll recognized KCHS as one of the top 50 Catholic High Schools in the country – a distinction for which we are very proud. Our call is to be a beacon of light and hope in Knoxville, in partnership with our parents and supporting parishes.

We have been blessed with an incredible faculty and an outstanding academic and athletic environment. I encourage you to visit us in person to see our campus and experience our inviting, welcoming community. The current tremendous growth at our school is evidence of our commitment to our mission – a mission that strives to teach the whole child through the Gospel as we prepare students to be Disciples of Christ.

Thank you for your interest in Knoxville Catholic High School, and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Dickie Sompayrac