Philosophy & Goals


Catholic education flows from the heart of the Catholic Church. Just as the church seeks the salvation of the whole person, body and soul, Knoxville Catholic High School seeks to educate its students in mind, body, and spirit. We recognize our students’ ultimate destination is Heaven. In union with the Church, KCHS pursues the urgent task of forming virtuous citizens who live the Gospel now and in eternity.

Created in the image and likeness of God, our students have received reason to know the truth and free will to love the good. By instilling the intellectual and moral virtues, KCHS strives to form its students into the likeness of Jesus Christ in order to enter friendship, now and in eternity, with the One who is the Truth and the Good.


Knoxville Catholic High School is dedicated to:

Teaching the Gospel

  • Developing a knowledge of the faith that leads to a deeper relationship with Christ and service to others
  • Developing an abiding sense of Christ’s presence in self and in others
  • Promoting an active faith community
  • Modeling Gospel values
Igniting a Love of Learning
  • Providing a curriculum that meets a broad range of abilities and interests
  • Creating an environment that opens minds
  • Providing the opportunity to acquire skills and knowledge for continued educational development
Nurturing Individual Growth
  • Promoting respect for self and others
  • Developing self-discipline, self-knowledge, and self-confidence
  • Fostering wellness and wholeness
  • Encouraging wellness and wholeness
  • Encouraging fulfillment of individual potential