2015 Knoxville Latinfest Results for KCHS

Saturday November 21, 2015: Overall, KCHS combined sweepstakes points earned first place in the city for the second year in a row. Below are individual and group results for the competition. Gratulationes!
Academic Testing
Mythology Lower level:
  • 1st place Matthew Ramos
  • 3rd place Patrick Shurina
History Lower Level:
  • 2nd place Cassi Jones
  • 3rd place Patrick Shurina
History Upper Level:  
  • 2nd place Meredith Allen
  • 3rd place Nick Lovely
Latin language Lower Level:
  • 1st place Caroline Consoli
  • 2nd place Nicholas Parsly
  • 3rd place Cassi Jones
Upper Level
  • 2nd place Nick Lovely, Caleb Morgan, Lindsey Bruce, James Daffron
Lower Level
  • 2nd place Nicholas Parsly, Peter Cooper, Lauren McKenzie, Paul Velas
Lower level
  • 2nd place Gavrick Paul
  • 3rd place Peter Cooper
  • 2nd place Nicholas Parsly, Matthew Ramos, Peter Cooper, Patrick Shurina, Maggie Keener, Alex Peterson, Samantha Gaylor, and Gavrick Paul
  • 1st place Hannah Sealock, Patrick Shurina, and Matthew Ramos
  • 2nd place Joseph Angelino and Reagan Hart
  • 3D - 1st place Matthew Ramos
  • 3D - 3rd place Meredith Allen
  • 2D - 1st place Cassi Jones
  • 2D - 2nd place Andrew Henderson
  • 2D - 3rd place Hannah Sealock
Mythology Spelling Bee
  • 1st place Towns Hughes
  • 2nd place Cassi Jones